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The water baths of the LAUDA Hydro series are optimally equipped for every application in the laboratory and ensure homogeneous temperature distribution without local overheating. LAUDA Hydro water baths with precise temperature distribution and optional circulation are designed for the needs of biological, medical or biochemical laboratories.

LAUDA L002956 H 22 Hydro Water Bath, 22 Litre Capacity , 230V 50/60 Hz

SKU: L002956
  • Designation


    Working temperature min.

     25 °C

    Working temperature max.

     100 °C

    Ambient temperature min.

     10 °C

    Ambient temperature max.

     40 °C

    Temperature stability

     0.1 ±K


     Inside the bath

    Heater power

     1.5 kW



    Bath volume min.


    Bath volume max.

     22 L

    Bath opening width

     400 mm

    Bath opening depth

     245 mm

    Bath depth

     225 mm

    Height top edge bath without gable cover


    Height incl. gable cover


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