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PIPETMAN® Fixed is a fixed-volume, air-displacement pipette that offers exceptional accuracy and reliability. Fourteen models are available covering a large volume range from 2 μL to 5000 μL. The volume is easily adjustable for dense or viscous fluids (once reset, the new volume cannot be changed accidently). With a single volume mechanism, PIPETMAN Fixed is a reliable and economical choice for clinical diagnostics, quality control, and routine testing.

Superior Accuracy and Precision

PIPETMAN has become the benchmark for pipetting excellence. PIPETMAN Fixed exceeds the ISO 8655 recommendations for liquid handling accuracy and precision.

Consistent, Reliable Performance

GLP compliance means there’s no risk of volume-selection errors. Using a fixed-volume pipette for a specific test assures reliable and consistent results.

Built to Last

Constructed of stainless steel and PVDF, PIPETMAN Fixed is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals ensuring long product life.


SKU: Pipetman F Series
$220.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
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