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The Research® Plus series of adjustable volume multichannel pipettors are designed to accommodate the rapidly developing needs of laboratory researchers.


  • Color-coding on the operating button simplifies tip identification and selection
  • All replacement manifolds are sold separately
  • Fully autoclavable devices can be easily disassembled for cleaning and decontamination
  • Feature a specially designed, spring-loaded tip cone to help reduce the force required for tip attachment and ejection


The rounded and elongated grip fits comfortably in the hand, enhancing stability and drastically reducing the strain resulting from repeated procedures. Operating and tip-ejector buttons have been enlarged and strategically positioned for simple access and operation. Volume adjustment requires only a few turns to reach desired settings, and features a display that reads to four digits. A secondary calibration option allows users to adjust to a wide variety of liquid handling requirements. The ultra-light, corrosion-free piston runs softly and smoothly due to upgraded springs, guides, and seals.


These compact, high-performance 8- and 12-channel pipettors combine the established precision and reliability of Eppendorf® models with innovative design features that increase efficiency and comfort. Devices provide precise and rapid processing of long series for a wide spectrum of applications.


SKU: EPPE3125000.010
  • 8-Channel Pipettor

    0.5–10 µL



    0.01 µL


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