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Electronic single channel microliter pipettes Eppendorf Xplorer®, variable
The new electronic pipette Eppendorf Xplorer® sets new standards in terms of simplicity, precision and reproducibility.
-Multifunctional rocker: *Up is up and down is down*™ principle
-Easy selection of all functions with the practical selection dial
-Operate in the language of your choice
-Clearly arranged colour display
-No sub-menus
-Help function
-Innovative rocker: When the tip is ejected, the piston automatically returns to zero position
-Tips always rest in the same position
-Volume & speed precisely and reproducibly adjustable
-Adjustable to your work environment and requirements
-Incl. 230V/50Hz charging adapter. The pipette can be charged directly with the charging adapter. Additionally the charging adapter can also be used with the optional charging stand (Cat. No. 9.283 254) which holds the pipette safely whilst charging.


SKU: EPPE4861000.023
  • Capacity: 5 - 100 µl
    Increments: 0.1 µl
    Accuracy max. vol.: 0.8 (≤ ± R%)
    Precision max. vol.: 0.2 (≤ CV%)
    Control button: yellow colour

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