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VWR 96-Real-Time PCR Plates are compatible with most leading real-time PCR instruments including most BioRad, Applied Biosystems, Roche Lightcycler, and Analytik Jena models.


  • Ultra-thin walls to optimize thermal transfer resulting in increased reaction efficiencies
  • Available with Ultra-clear wells for easy visualization of small sample volumes
  • Available in white options which increase the intensity of fluorescence transmitted through the cap or sealing film
  • Made of virgin polypropylene which is naturally low-binding without the need to incorporate additives
  • Black alphanumerics are easy-to-read and simplifies sample identification
  • All plates are certified free of RNAse, DNAse, and human DNA
PCR plates, CFX style96LowFully skirted0,1 mlClear

Real-Time PCR plates, 96-well

SKU: 211-0297
  • PER PACK OF 100

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