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PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Tips are designed to fit your PIPETMAN perfectly. They deliver accurate and precise pipetting when used in conjunction with Gilson pipettes. One commercial unit/qty of our autoclavable TIPACK™ includes:

- 10 racks of 96 tips (total of 960 already racked tips)
- Fully autoclavable and color-coded for easy identification
- Compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

This item is also available as sterilized and filter tips.

Accurate and Precise

Using PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips with your PIPETMAN ensures maximum accuracy and precision and delivers consistent results. The perfect air-tight seal prevents leaks. The tips are made of pure polypropylene to deliver the correct volume and ensure complete dispensing. Volume graduations make it easy to visually check the volume aspirated.


Gilson tips are manufactured in a clean room environment ensuring they are free of detectable contaminants that can affect your results. From mold to bench, our tips are guaranteed, certified, and traceable to meet the most stringent demands in many applications.

Convenient Packaging

Uniquely designed TIPACKS feature a dual-purpose lid: hinged to easily open and close while using tips; or simply pull it out of the hinges to set on top or discard for high-throughput tip usage. TIPACKS are compact, ergonomic, and eco-friendly.


SKU: F171300
  • Total Quantity 960 (10x96)
    Volume Range 2-200 µL
    Material of Construction Polypropylene
    Packaging Format Racked - TIPACK
    Pack Size 96
    Pack Size Unit 10
    Sterility Non-Sterile
    Tip Filter Non-Filtered
    Tip Model D200
    Tip Type Universal Pipette Tips

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