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  • Digital versions of both the ceramic and ceramic coated metal hotplate stirrers are also available. These units replace the LED temperature indicator with a digital display, for those users who want to more accurately observe the hotplate surface temperature. Both digital units, the UC152D & US152D are compatible with the SCT1 temperature controller, for precise sample temperature control.

    Safety in design
    For safety all units have been designed to direct any spills away from the user controls. A mains switch is standard (excluding Stir only models) for greater convenience and power saving. All units incorporate the latest technology, microprocessor controlled, dual thermocouples to ensure accurate temperature control and over temperature protection.

    Powerful magnets and motor give stirring speeds up to 2000rpm and are capable of mixing large volumes (up to 15 litres).

    Hot warning light
    All hotplate models feature a “Hot” warning light, which will flash once the hotplate surface reaches 50ºC. The “Hot” light will continue to flash even once the unit has been switched off and unplugged from the mains, until the surface temperature drops below 50ºC.

    The Undergrad range has been designed so the units can be easily stored on their side, minimising the required storage space. The entire range of hotplate stirrers feature an integral fitting for a retort rod, but the units are also uniquely designed to allow a retort base to slide underneath, saving valuable time where numerous units need to be set up, for example in an educational environment.

Undergrad Digital Stirring Hot Plate

  • Model US152D UC152D
    Plate Material Coated Aluminium
    Glass ceramic
    Plate Dimensions, mm 150 x 150 150 x 150
    Heated Area, mm 150 x 150 120 x 120
    Heater Power, Watt 700 500
    Max plate temp, °C 325 450
    Temperature display LED LED
    Stirrer Speed, rpm 100 - 2000 100 - 2000
    Maximum Stirring Capacity, L* 15 15
    Dimensions (w x d x h), mm 172 x 248 x 120 172 x 248 x 122
    Net weight, kg 2.9 2.9
    Power 750W 550W
    Electrical supply (230V) 230V, 50Hz 230V, 50Hz
    Electrical supply (120V) + 120V, 60Hz + 120V, 60Hz +
    IP Rating 32 32

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